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Will coconut oil go Rancid? What they havent told you..

Virgin Coconut Oil Jar on shelf in Sun

We frequently get asked: what is the shelf life of coconut oil?  Will coconut oil go rancid?  The quick answer is 2 years and Yes..

Shelf life and coconut oil is determinant on 3 primary factors, Exposure to light, exposure to oxygen and water content of the coconut oil after production.  If one of these 3 conditions are present over an extended period of time, you will get rancid coconut oil.

It is imperative that the moisture content of coconut oil is extremely low so you must purchase the highest quality coconut oil (Purchase here!).  Make sure your coconut oil jar is sealed tight and not left on a shelf in direct sunlight.  If you are able to keep these three under control, your coconut oil will be extremely stable and will still taste fresh years after the recommended 2 year shelf life!

There are a couple other items that can break down a coconut oil such as peroxide value which we discussed in a previous blog post.

See accompanying photo:  This is not a good place to store coconut oil.



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