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History of Dua Dua Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil Soap!

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What we do:

We have been farming coconuts on our plantation in the South Pacific for over 100 years (6 generations), in 2008 we invested in our own coconut oil processing machinery, now, we import, export, and manufacture a wide variety of coconut products.

There a many ways to produce coconut oil.  As 4th generation coconut farmers, we know what it takes to make the best quality coconut oil.  There is 3 primary methods of coconut oil production.  Fermentaion method which tends to have issues with oil rancidity due to the nature of production.  The dry process which tends to leave the coconut oil with a toasted taste.  And finally we have the Dua Dua process, truly raw organic virgin coconut oil: Centrifuged Raw Organic Coconut Oil, this separates the oil from the coconut meat, without heat, or fermention, resulting in a perfect, mouth watering, delicious coconut oil that will have you eating directly out of the jar!