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FAQ's on Raw Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil Soap

Coconut plantation where we make coconut oil soap and virgin coconut oil

What is Dua Dua?

Dua Dua is the name of our village in Solomon Islands where our family has been coconut farming for over 100 years!  We manufacture Healthy  Products made from healthy Coconut Oil!  Our Customers enjoy the sweet tropical smell of coconut, and desire high quality products made with natural ingredients.

Where can I purchase your Products?

You can purchase our products through  If you are looking for Bulk or large volumes you can call us direct.  If you are a retail store or Distributor please call us direct.

Why should I purchase your Coconut Oil?

Our Raw Organic Centrifuge Coconut oil  has a sweet flavor and smell a result of our centrifuge extraction process,  not a toasted smell like other brands.  

Why should I use your hand and body soap?


Our Hand and Body soap is made from our pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that has been saponified (created into soap), no harmful chemicals, no animal fats!

Why should I use your Laundry Powder

Our Virgin Coconut Oil Laundry Powder has been made using healthy substitutes to over the counter laundry powders.  Scent allergies? no worry all our soaps are scent free! Just natural Coconut aroma!

Can you sell bulk quantities?

Yes, we can supply bulk Coconut oil in drums (419 lbs.).   We can also supply bulk soaps, Coconut oils, and laundry powders.