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what is a Coconut Crab and are they edible?

Coconut Crab

Coconut crabs look like large hermit crabs sans shell.  They usually live in caves or in the crevices of rocks.  They come out at night and single handed can husk a coconut..if you have ever tried husking a coconut you know this is extremely difficult.  It seems like an impossible feat for 160 lbs human, but imagine a 4 lbs oversized hermit crab doing it with no problem.  Well, that's just what they do.  The main diet of the coconut oil crab happens to be, you guessed it delicious coconut meat! 

Can you eat coconut crabs?  Yes they taste quite nice. However due to their low populations we suggest you leave them to do their wondrous work of husking coconuts! 

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