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The Truth about Bad Coconut Oil (Part 1)

Bad Coconut oil, brown residue at bottom of jar

I was recently at a conference on tropical products and giving a talk on coconut oil.  I was approached by a woman whom handed me a jar of coconut oil (competitors brand).  She was asking me why there was brown residue at the bottom of the jar. 

This is actually quite common. 

The brown skin of the coconut (its actually called the coconut testa), is usually peeled from the coconut meat prior to the oil being extracted from the coconut.  If this brown skin is left on the coconut while the oil is being squeezed out of the coconut, small particles of the skin/testa will mix with the oil.  This being more dense (heavier) than the oil, the particles will sink to the bottom of the jar,  thus creating a brown residue in the bottom of the jar. 

Typically coconut oil mills, run their coconut oil through filters to get rid of these particles, but all these processes (filtering, peeling the skin) take time and of course money..So many coconut oil mills cut corners and do not properly prepare their coconuts or filter their oil properly. 

Is it still good to use?

The truth about this  brown coconut oil is that it is not harmful in any way, however it does increase peroxide value, which in laymen's terms, means that it will shorten the shelf life of the product.

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