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The First Virgin Coconut Oil Ever Made? Our Experts Discuss..

Coconut Oil was produced from Over ripe coconuts, using finger wipe out coocnut oil

Coconut Oil has been used for many years in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands..No one really knows for sure how long this Oil has been used, but our guess is many many thousands of years.. The first coconut oil was made was from over-ripe coconuts! No real production...Let me explain, After falling off the tree (palm) the meat inside the coconut begins to break down and convert to into the beginnings of a baby coconut tree (roots, stem..etc.).  This process leaves behind a spongy (coconut apple) and residual coconut oil inside the coconut shell..Early ancestors simply cracked the shell, ate the coconut apple, and used there fingers to wipe along the the coconut shell to gather up the coconut oil formed on the shell, similar to cleaning the sides of the cookie dough bowl with your fingers!  They used the virgin coconut oil for hair and body, they also used the coconut oil for medicine, as well as eating raw, as fats and proteins are hard to come by on remote pacific islands!

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