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Number One Myth About Coconut Oil Soap Revealed!

 Unrefined Coconut Oil Soap makes the Best Bubbles

If you do a google search on coconut oil soap you may come across the idea that coconut oil soap is hard, as in rock solid hard! 

There is some truth this..Let me explain..Many of our competitor coconut oil soap manufacturers use Refined Coconut Oil to make coconut oil soap...Why do they do this you ask?  because Refined coconut oil is much lower price than unrefined coconut oil, it is a bulk commodity traded like Wheat, Soybeans, Cattle etc..think Chicago mercantile exchange..

Why does this matter..

This matters because the refining process takes out the acids and gums that give coconut oil soap its fantastic feel and lathering abilities. So if you are using refined coconut oil soap you will be left with a rock hard brick of soap that will be drying to the skin..

However, now that you know its best to choose coconut oil bar soap made from unrefined coconut oil, you will have a coconut oil soap that will make your skin feel fantastically you a great way to start your morning..!

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