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Liquid Coconut Oil Compared to Solid Coconut Oil. Are they really different?

Liquid Coconut Oil, Coconut oil turns from Solid to Liquid at 76 degrees

What is the difference in Liquid Coconut Oil and Solid Coconut Oil?

Coconut melts at 76 degrees F, this means that if the temperature in your home town, gets above 76 degrees and stays there, the coconut oil will turn to liquid. However if the night temperature drops below 76 degrees your coconut oil will solidify and be a solid white color.  There is also an in between range where the coconut oil seems to be neither liquid or solid..(more on that later).  Is the quality of solid coconut oil different from liquid coconut oil..No they are exactly the same, it just may be a little easier to poor in the liquid form, while the solid form will require a spoon or knife to get out of the Jar.  I should mention that the colder the temperature the harder the coconut oil will be, kinda like ice cream.  An example of this, in Dua Dua in the South Pacific we never reach temperatures below 76 degrees, so our coconut oil is always in a liquid form, in fact most pacific islanders have never seen coconut oil in a solid form!..But our office in Oregon, USA is always below 76 degrees so we rarely see coconut oil in a liquid form!  There is one exception to this rule and that is Fractionated Coconut Oil, which is a different animal altogether (more on that later).  Pictures is our Dua Dua Raw Centrifuged Coconut Oil in a Liquid form, our photographer was in Houston, Texas, USA where the temperature never got below 76 degrees F.

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