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Coconut Oil Soap Bar

Dua Dua Organic Coconut Soap

Make the change now! No more polluting your body..
100% Coconut Oil Soap, Oregon's own Dua Dua Brand this is truly a magic soap.  Our pure coconut castile soap will make your skin feel fresh, clean and young; naturally!

The best Coconut Oil Soap is made from minimal ingredients.  Our Soap is only Saponified Dua Dua Organic Raw Coconut Oil.    Our fragrance free soap is unscented, no artificial scents or fragrances, only a slight natural hint of coconut direct from Nature!
  • Made with 100% Dua Dua Coconut Oil 
  • No Animal Fat, Cruelty Free!
  • Safe on the Body, Safe for the Planet!
  • All Natural
  • Only 1 ingredient

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