New Fresh feeling safe soap Helps You Look and feel healthy… Guaranteed!

Do you know what artificial  Chemicals and fats are in your Body Soap and how how these chemicals will affect your long term health?

Why risk it….

We at Dua Dua leave nothing to chance….We want you to live a Healthy Natural Lifestyle.. No need to risk your health with untested chemicals and additives.  Simple Natural Ingredients…Safe for Body..Safe for the environment!  100% Virgin Coconut Oil soap for bath and body, no animal fats no harsh chemicals, no synthetic colors or odors.  Feel Fresher and cleaner than ever before.  Guaranteed!

Virgin Coconut Oil Soap
Virgin Coconut Oil Soap

 “I really love your soap, it makes me feel so clean, I was really surprised!”

Michaela Pucemone

Portland, Oregon

Here’s How To Feel Clean and Fresh Now!

Hand & Body Soap

Why rub yourself with unknown chemicals, additives and animal fats, when you could lather up in Virgin Coconut Oil soap!

  • Made with 100% Dua Dua Virgin Coconut Oil!
  • Safe on the body!
  • All Natural Ingredients!
  • Very Foamy! Very Effective!
  • No Artificial Colors or Odors!
  • Unscented!
  • Only 2 ingredients!
  • Coconut Oil Soap
    Coconut Oil Soap