New Virgin Coconut Oil natural dish soap provides healthier body and piece of mind… Guaranteed!

Dua Dua Virgin Coconut Oil Natural Dish Soap

Secrets about you dish soap revealed…

Most dish soaps contain synthesized colors, scents and additives..neon green crystals (think radioactive) and gooey yellow soap with an extremely UN-natural smell..sound familiar…do you think its possible that you ingest tiny fractions of this when eating off plates and dishes that have not been thoroughly rinsed.  Why clean with unknown chemicals, additives and animal fats, when you could lather your dishes in Virgin Coconut Oil soap!  It is even kind of fun doing dishes in our all natural dish soap, it has such a pure coconut white color and the faint smell of coconut.. almost like i’m back in the tropics.

So put on a a little tropical music..calypso, reggae, perhaps Jimmy Buffet and turn a chore into an event!

  • Made with 100% Dua Dua Virgin Coconut Oil!
  • Safe on the Dishes!
  • All Natural Ingredients!
  • Very Foamy! Very Effective!
  • No Artificial Colors or Odors!
  • Unscented!
  • Only 2 ingredients!
    All natural Dish Soap
    All natural Dish Soap

    Do you ever consider what kind of toxic soup you are cleaning your dishes in?  Think about it..

  • Now you can have piece of your dishes with our all natural dish soap.
    Coconut Dish Soap
    Coconut Dish Soap