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Dua Dua at Whole Foods
Dua Dua at Whole Foods


“We bought the jar size at Bales Thriftway and now we use noting else. We love your product over the other brands and would like to buy a larger tub

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There are many methods to make Virgin Coconut Oil, and every method of Production produces a different taste, strong, sour, light, fresh, and rancid.  I know this from experience.  I have tried every method of producing Virgin Coconut Oil.  Albeit, not the most economical method, our centrifuge process is hands down the best quality pure coconut oil available.  We achieve a low water content of 0.03% (the Asia Pacific Coconut Community standard is .5%) you can see we are way below the standard, so our oil is not rancid and has a shelf life of 2 years, extremely fresh tasting. It is not only cold pressed, the whole process is below 113°F. Also, our entire production process from cracking the coconut to the bottling of the oil takes less than 12 hours. We always finish every batch before closing in the evening. So our oil is very fresh, not long exposed to air, before the oil even knows it is out of the meat it is in the bottle.

This is truly raw.  Other than centrifuge processed the other method of producing raw coconut oil is the fermentation method.  This is akin to milk curdling after setting out, then scraping the oil off the top.  This method of “Raw” produces a sour/greasing tasting oil, this method is what most of the competitors are producing (that you see on the shelves).  However the tide is with us, as more customers are demanding the freshness of centrifuged oil (there is only a couple of us out there), this will be the industry standard in the future, the writing is on the wall.

“Fresh-Centrifuge Process is the emerging process benchmark for Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) extraction from fresh coconut meat that prevents contamination, alteration and deterioration of the oil, and retaining its freshness. The VCO produced is practically the same as it exists in fresh coconut meat – fresh smell and taste, no fermentation acid contamination, no peroxide contamination, no aflatoxin, no diminution of the heat-sensitive vitamin E, un-altered fatty acid profile, and high laurin content.

“It is a wholistic process that starts at coconut growing where and natural farm productivity improvement methods are implemented, and age of coconut fruits are monitored to get the optimum age for harvest (Note: underage and overage nuts contain lesser laurin oil). It employs an innovative process of extracting the oil at fresh conditions using purely physical method of centrifugation or high-speed spinning, thru a specifically-fitted high-speed low-turbulence centrifuge, without use of heating, fermentation and freezing methods of extractions.”

- John Hall NSCA-CPT

Our coconuts are immediately converted from coconut meat to oil and vacuum dried at ambient temperature. No heat, no prolonged exposure to elements, and moisture is driver off at ambient temperatures in a vacuum evaporator (not exposed to oxidation, bacteria, excess moisture).

I like to use the analogy of fresh squeezed orange juice:

Would you prefer your orange juice:

1. Heated then squeezed? (Most common type of Coconut oil on the Market EG Nutiva Coconut Oil)

2. Squeezed then set out on the counter for a couple days? (Most common “Raw” Coconut Oil)

3. Squeezed Fresh? (Our Raw Centrifuge Method)


PS.. Many people confuse coconut butter for coconut oil…Coconut butter is pulverized Coconut..period..Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the coconut fruit…Period


Our Coconut milk is cold pressed, but more importantly the oil  Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil (Centrifuge Coconut Oil).

You can find our Coconut oil for sale in Health food stores across the USA!

There are many coconut oil uses, but there is only one Dua Dua Raw Coconut Oil!

Raw Coconut oil for skin allows you to absorb all the nutrients available, leaving your skin shiny healthy and young.

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Only unrefined coconut oil!

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