About Dua Dua Coconut Products

Dua Dua is a small village located in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific.  Coconuts have been our family lively hood for close to 100 years.  Traditionally we have exported our coconuts from our remote island to large processors in the Phillipines and Indonesia.  In 2007, after years of contemplation, and learning of the many uses of  raw coconut oil, as well as the benefits of raw coconut oil, we decided to process our own coconut oil providing jobs and income to local villagers and increasing the value of the local coconut, in short “Helping fight urban flight”.  Providing income in the village, where previously, working age men and women, fled to the city to find work, leaving the old and vulnerable to care for themselves.

Our remote location made it difficult to run our coconut equipment efficiently, Diesel fuel was expensive and in short supply, so we converted all our machinery to run on a Biofuel, specifically, Coconut Oil! Yes, we converted our diesel motor to run on Straight Coconut Oil!

We follow our coconuts from the South Pacific Islands to our small warehouse and production facility in Portland, Oregon USA…Our products are made from Coconut palms we planted and climbed as children.

We have produced coconut oil by all methods (and other methods), and found that for our criteria the centrifuge process produces the highest quality.  We are 3rd generation Coconut farmers whom decided to increase employment opportunities for our local villagers via downstream processing of coconut products.  We provide high quality, natural, healthy coconut based products while providing income opportunities that would not otherwise exist and for the remote villagers of Solomon Islands, South Pacific



I first tried Dua Dua coconut oil at a food cart in Northwest Portland and loved it. Now my wife and I use it regularly to cook fish. Great product and always delicious.

Tyler Williams
Gresham, Oregon


My family loves Dua Dua coconut oil. I picked a bottle up and now I am a loyal fan.

Mary White
Portland, Oregon


I read an article about the health benefits of coconut oil. I found Dua Dua in a store and gave it a try. It smells wonderful and tastes even better with all kinds of food.

Daphney Jameson
Beaverton, Oregon