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Centrifuge Extracted Organic Raw Coconut Oil


Raw Coconut Oil
Raw Coconut Oil

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Do you know where to buy raw Coconut Oil?   You are in the right spot!

The best oil for Oil Pulling, Dua Dua Raw Coconut Oil!

Do you want Healthy Coconut Products?

Dua Dua produces the highest quality Virgin Coconut Oil Products for Persons to achieve their Healthy lifestyle choices for their body and their home.  At Dua Dua coconut products we take a holistic approach to health, realizing the importance of what we put into our bodies and of equal importance what we put on our bodies!

See what your coconut oil supplier does not want to tell you!

If you want coconut oil that has been mass are in the Wrong Place…

Our coconut oil is of the highest quality, only produced in small batches…That is why the taste is so freshly unique, labor intensive to make..yes.. but worth every s

poonful.  You will never find it on large supermarket shelves..It is too high quality to be mass produced..a truly raw coconut oil….! Click here to see why..

Are you considering the Paleo-diet?  This is the only true raw coconut oil (not “fermented” raw coconut oil)..Dua Dua Centrifuge Extracted Organic Raw Coconut Oil!  No heat is used in extraction. The oil is made with a centrifuge process which results in an extremely fresh tasting oil.  Our entire production process from cracking the coconut to the bottling of the oil takes less than 12hours.
We always finish every batch before closing inthe evening, so our oil is very fresh, not long exposed to air. Before the oil even knows it is out of the meat, it is in the bottle

.I Never Thought I Could More Energy – But I Finally Discovered The Secret! Here’s How…Are you feeling tired, wrinkled, bloated and greasy!  You’ll discover MORE ENERGY, look younger, Feel Fresher, FEEL CLEANER, and ENJOY PIECE OF MIND KNOWING THAT YOU.

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“Everyone knows that coconut oil has a plethora of benefits—both from using externally and internally. So that is why we think Dua Dua is on to something great. First of all, they have the organic, unrefined, raw coconut oil that we all come to look for on a regular basis for our health and beauty fixes. But they’ve it to a whole new level, mixing it with cocoa to make Cocotella –the coconut version of Nutella or a hazelnut spread, as well as caramel and coconut oil. The results are about as delicious as you can imagine.  They gave a hint to try it on pancakes.”

Please research our coconut oil uses and you will see significant benefits of coconut oil when you begin using our products..nothing compares to Dua Du

a Centrifuge Extracted Organic Raw Coconut Oil…

How The Next 90 Days Can Change Your Life…….


And of Course..

New All Natural pure Virgin coconut oil Soaps  and Detergents  Helps You Look and fell Fresh, Clean and Healthy… Guaranteed!

Why rub yourself with unknown chemicals, additives and animal fats, when you could lather up in Virgin Coconut Oil soap!

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